We would all love to have our very own sanctuary - a safe place to hide from the rest of the world. Having a pond in your garden has many benefits. Listening to the running water can be soothing and relaxing, and learning about nature through the plants and animals you include can be a beautiful and relaxing experience.

Pro Aquatic Services can assist you with the cleaning, maintenance so that you can enjoy all the benefits without you spending your spare time on the upkeep of your pond.

Pond installation, setup, cleaning and other maintenance.

Pro Aquatic Services can assist you with the full installation and or pond cleaning of any size pond required to meet your specific requirement. We can provide you with any changes on your existing pond from re-lining, repairs and filtration. As well as providing you with plants, fish and expert advise and knowledge for your pond. We can also offer you a regular maintenance service which includes cleaning of the filtration, hoovering pond of any debre, water analysis, fish health check and weed control.

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