Aquarium Maintenance London

As the specialists in aquarium installation and maintenance, we are often looked to when people require specialist support in terms of aquarium maintenance in London. Ensuring that your aquarium is in the best condition is vital, not only to the appearance of your tank, but also to the fish living in the conditions. We offer installation and maintenance on tropical marine, cold water and tropical fresh water tanks for both our domestic and commercial clients. With over fifteen years of experience within the aquatic industry, you can always rely on our services here at Pro Aquatic Services.

Expert aquarium and pond services in London

We currently offer a great selection of services for aquarium installation, maintenance and pond services. To ensure that your aquatic friends are healthy and allowed to live a long and happy life, we offer various cleaning services, ranging from algae removal, water analysis, servicing of filters, pond restoration and more.

Nowadays, many people have a hectic life style; managing two jobs, working ten hours a day or even being a full time mother or father who holds many commitments to your home and family. Maintaining your aquarium can often slip under the radar unintentionally, but we would be more than happy to support you, your fish and your aquarium.

If you have any questions about our aquatic services, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01255 221792.

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